IT infrastructure management for companies

Improve the efficiency and security of your company or organization with the implementation of the latest solutions in IT infrastructure and cloud technology.

Blackbytes | IT infrastructure management for companies

15 years of experience back us up

For 15 years, we have been working to improve the management of companies' IT infrastructures, as well as their organizational and productive processes, thus becoming a single partner to whom we can delegate all IT management, so that our customers can focus solely on boosting their business.


Blackbytes | IT infrastructure management for companies

By outsourcing support to users, we get a better use of time for your IT department. Our experience has shown that it is highly profitable for your company.

Blackbytes | IT infrastructure management for companies

By delegating the management of your IT infrastructures, you can focus solely on growing your business, while we work to always guarantee maximum productivity through the latest technologies.

Blackbytes | IT infrastructure management for companies

We design and implement a totally customized cloud infrastructure for your company, both in our private cloud and in public cloud infrastructures (Azure, AWS, Google, etc ...).

Blackbytes | IT infrastructure management for companies


We are specialists in the hotel sector, we know it thoroughly, and we have consultants with more than 20 years of experience in the sector.

Due to our high degree of knowledge and experience in the sector, we know perfectly the needs of a hotel establishment, be it a single property, or an entire hotel chain.

Blackbytes | IT infrastructure management for companies
Blackbytes | IT infrastructure management for companies

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What our clients say

“Great team work, guys! Creative thinking was what I needed for my business project. Thanks a lot and good luck”

David Morris

“It was nice working with your team, because no matter what ideas we come with, you know how to implement them!”

Amanda Ricks

“Incredible! What you did for our company was amazing. I recommend your services to all friends and colleagues”

Roseanne Smith

FAQs about IT maintenance for companies

What is IT maintenance for companies?

IT maintenance for companies is a comprehensive service that manages and optimizes the company’s IT infrastructure.
We undertake preventive maintenance to keep the IT infrastructure in good condition, thus minimizing technical incidents and reporting high productivity to the company, as well as providing a quick and effective response when these arise.

What is included in the IT maintenance service for businesses?

Our business IT maintenance service is designed to cover all IT management needs, including technical problem analysis and resolution, continuous monitoring, security, Service Desk/CAU, etc…
With this service you can completely worry about your company’s IT management.

For what type of companies do you carry out computer maintenance?

We work for all types of companies and productive sectors, from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to large organizations. Our teams are specialized in offering computer maintenance services adapted to the needs of each client so that they can improve organizational and productive processes.

What are the prices of computer maintenance for businesses?

These are fully customized services, in order to cover all the needs and peculiarities of each of our clients. Therefore, the prices are completely customized to the requirements of each of our clients.
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